About LetmeInform.in

LetmeInform.in is an announcement management platform, which features various services to which users can subscribe and get alerts on announcements of their interest.  The announcements are about current or future occurrences on actions of events, campaigns, facilities of several services, on which people may need to take an action to avail benefits or avoid hassles.  For example, announcements on service interruptions like power shutdown, suspending water supply, road block, etc, announcements on public events like competition in sports, arts, education, etc and announcements on deadlines to utility charges payment, tax payment, and registrations for subsidies, IDs, etc

Here are a few simple things we believe in:

The Services are chosen as if we are one among the public.  We stand from the users view and create services in this portal.
We also let the user create services and post announcements and we screen and validate them for public use.
We do not spam your Email/SMS.
We do provide the service to user communication options to set the user preferences.
We love feedback.
We are eager to learn, happy to respond and believe in constant improvement. Feel free to tell us what’s in your mind. We’re happy to listen too.
Any time you want to reach us, please drop us an email at contact@letmeinform.in.

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