If you are using YouTube Premium for 6 six years then you can enjoy your next yearly subscription for free. YouTube Premium subscription gives access to ad-free content and supports background play.
If you are using YouTube Premium services for more than six years then now it's time for some pay-off. The video-sharing and the streaming platform is offering a free yearly subscription if you are using its Premium services for more than six years.
According to 9to5Google, users who are YouTube Premium subscribers for 2,222 days or 3,199,680 minutes will get a notification from a company saying ‘it's time to celebrate’. Further, notification will inform users that you are getting a free Premium subscription for 12 months.

The YouTube Premium subscription consists of YouTube Music and ad-free content. Additionally, the app will also support background play.YouTube started its subscription service in late 2015 and at that time service was known as ‘YouTube Red’. Later, it was rebranded to ‘YouTube Premium’ in June 2018.
If you are wondering since how long you have been using the YouTube Premium, here is how you can check the start date of your premium service.

    Follow simple steps to check the start date of your YouTube Premium subscription-
  • Open YouTube on your smartphone device (iOS or Android).

  • Tap on the profile picture which is available in the top right corner of the screen.

  • Go to the YouTube Premium benefits category, there you will see an option saying ‘Member Since’ under the username.

  • There you will get the exact date to make calculations to know how long you need to complete six years.

Further, if you have not used YouTube Premium then you can look out for plans available in India. The basic plan of YouTube Premium starts from ₹139 without auto-renewal and ₹129 with auto-renewal.

Source Link : https://www.businessinsider.in/tech/news/youtube-is-giving-away-a-years-worth-of-premium-subscription-for-free-heres-how-to-check-if-you-are-eligible/articleshow/92206431.cms

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