The residents of the city have good news. The fleet of e-buses of the metropolis will include 40 more AC buses. The first 20 buses will join the fleet by 1st July and the remaining 20 by 1st September and will start plying on different routes of the city. This will make it easier for the passengers. The officials have made preparations to include the new buses in the fleet and their route and fare have also been fixed.

With this, there will be a total of hundred e-buses. These buses will be run on other routes including Bilhaur and Mandhana. With the arrival of these new buses, the traffic of the city will become easier as the residents are troubled by the chaos of tempo and auto drivers. Apart from this, they also have to face trouble in summer and rain.

Electric buses provide facility to the people in an interval of just eight minutes from 5:10 am to 10:00 pm. They are being operated on ten routes operating in the city. In this, buses have been operated from Jajmau to IIT, Ramadevi to IIT, Ghantaghar and other places. However, with different routes being fixed, the number of buses has also been fixed. The fare of electric bus has been kept less than the tempo that has become the life of transport in the city. The fare has been fixed at Rs 5 for 3 km and Rs 50 for a maximum distance of 45 km.

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