Monsoon showers are also going to bring hope of relief in the aviation sector. The airlines, which are still struggling with low passenger load, are expected to get relief from July. Official sources say that flight operations will increase from July. Vistara Airlines, which started 7 years ago, is also preparing to enter Jaipur airport from July. Discussions have been held on behalf of Vistara Airlines Management at Jaipur International Airport.

 In fact, till now the Tata Group's Air Asia Airlines flight is operating from Jaipur. The flight of Vistara, the other airline of the Tata Group, was not started yet. Now after the privatization of Jaipur airport, the Tata group is going to expand Vistara. Sources related to the airport say that initially the airlines will operate 2 flights from Jaipur. These flights can start for Delhi and Bangalore. Vistara flights will take off from Jaipur in late July or early August. Vistara Airlines is considered to be the most luxury airlines in the country. Not only this, some other flights are also likely to start from Jaipur in the month of July.

Expected to start 3 new flights from Jaipur - 

  • A new flight from Jaipur to Mumbai will be started from June 24.

  • Flight 6E-5327 will take off from Jaipur to Mumbai at 10 am.

  • Flight 6E-5268 will reach Jaipur from Mumbai at 2:15 pm.

  • There is a preparation to increase the air service to Hyderabad from July 1.

  • Go First flight G8-506 will start. Apart from this, the flight will go to Hyderabad at 5:05 pm.

  • A new flight from Jaipur to Ahmedabad will start from July 1.

  • Preparations for launch of GoFirst flight G8-701 are in the final stages.

  • The flight will depart from Jaipur to Ahmedabad at 8:50 am.


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